The Corona Historic Preservation Society (CHPS) is a local non-profit tax exempt organization founded in 1983 and dedicated to the preservation and revitalization of Corona’s historic buildings, neighborhoods and sites. CHPS seeks to educate citizens of all ages about Corona’s history, historic resources and to enhance historic preservation within the City of Corona.


Programs presented and supported by the Society include: the Historic Site Marker Program, Vintage Home Tour, Heritage Home Awards, commemorative events, educational seminars and field trips, and numerous community preservation projects and activities.

Our Purpose:

•   To increase public knowledge and awareness of the unique history of Corona.


•   To advocate for preservation of historic sites, structures, artifacts and records.


•   To provide expertise in historic preservation and local history to the City’s Community Development Department and Planning Commission on the merits of preserving various resources.


•   To assist in relocating or finding alternative reuses of structures threatened with demolition.

How to join or donate:

To join, donate or contact the Corona Historic Preservation Society, you may obtain a membership application from the Society website, or from any of the Society’s bi-monthly newsletters. Mail in the application with a check in the correct amount to:


Corona Historic Preservation Society

P. O. Box 2904

Corona, CA 92878


Corona Historic Preservation Society

P.O.  Box 2904

Corona, CA  92878-2904


Phone:  951.898.2044

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